Cilantro Beef Meatball Muffins

In searching out a hearty meatball filled with nutritious vegetables, I came up with this easy cilantro beef meatball recipe for my growing teen boys. And it’s Nutritional Balancing friendly, too. I’m always looking for ways to streamline cooking since time is valuable. So, when I can get two meals for about the same amount of time as one meal, this recipe will make it to the top of the list again. Continue reading “Cilantro Beef Meatball Muffins”

So Just What is Nutritional Balancing?

Glad you asked! I’m so glad I did! I’ve now found a path to healing and healthy living that I never thought possible. But more on that another time. Right now I’d like to introduce you to Nutritional Balancing (NB). Others have already written so well about what is NB that I really don’t have much to add. So I’ll just point you in the direction of articles and podcasts that I found most helpful. Continue reading “So Just What is Nutritional Balancing?”