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living picture books for sale

Living Picture Books for Sale

These living picture books for sale offer fuel to ignite the imaginations of young and old.  “You’re never too old, too wacky, too wild, to pick up a book and read to a child.” – Dr. Seuss

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Five in a Row Books & Go-alongs

(Additional FIAR go-alongs listed under Science, History, & Fiction categories. You might find other favorites listed below in the Miscellaneous Picture Books section not labeled as FIAR to add to your personalized tubs.)



The Emperor’s New Clothes, Hans Christian Andersen, ill. by Virginia Lee Burton, 1949, 1968, PB, G, pages tanning but not brittle, $2





Madeline’s Rescue (small format), Ludwig Bemelmans, 1953, 1992, HB, VG, $3





Scuffy the Tugboat and His Adventures Down the River (large format), Gertrude Crampton, ill. by Tibor Gergely, 1946, 1986, HB, G, $3





May I Bring a Friend?, Beatrice Schenk de Regniers, ill. by Beni Montresor, 1964, HB, VG, $4





Prayer for a Child, Rachel Field, ill. by Elizabeth Orton Jones, 1941, 1973, PB, G-, loose page has been taped, $2




They Were Strong and Good, Robert Lawson, 1940, xlib HB, G, $6





The Little Island, Golden MacDonald, ill. by Leonard Weisgard, 1948, 1974, PB, G-, cover creases, $2




The Salamander Room, Anne Mazer, ill. by Steve Johnson, 1991, 1994, PB, G, $3




Blueberries for Sal, Robert McCloskey, 1948, 1987, PB, G, $2




Time of Wonder, Robert McCloskey, 1957, 1989, PB, VG, $4






Little Bear, Else Holmelund Minarik, ill. by Maurice Sendak, 1957, 1978, PB, VG, $2






Little Bear’s Visit, Else Holmelund Minarik, ill. by Maurice Sendak, 1961, 1979, PB, Fair, heavy cover wear but still good to throw in Make Way for Ducklings FIAR tub, $1




Sam, Bangs & Moonshine, Evaline Ness, 1966, HB, VG, $5






Amelia Bedelia, Peggy Parish, ill by Fritz Siebel, 1963, PB, G, $2






The Little Engine That Could, Watty Piper, 1930, 2007, HB, G, $3





Thy Friend, Obadiah, Brinton Turkle, 1969, HB, G, $5



Miscellaneous Picture Books


Poems and Prayers for the Very Young, Martha Alexander, 1973, PB, G, $2




Grandfather Buffalo, Jim Arnosky, 2006, xlib HB, G+, mylar covered DJ, $4






The Fire Cat, Esther Averill,1960, xlib HB, G, mylar covered DJ, $3





The Secret Staircase, Jill Barklem, 1983, 1999, xlib HB, G+, mylar covered DJ, $5





Peppe the Lamplighter, Elisa Bartone, ill. by Ted Lewin, 1993, xlib HB, VG, mylar covered DJ, $5





Madeline in America and Other Holiday Tales, Ludwig Bemelmans, 1955, 1999, xlib HB, G, mylar covered DJ, $5





Madeline and the Gypsies, Ludwig Bemelmans, 1959, xlib HB, G, sturdy book with heavy corner wear, $5






The Summerfolk, Doris Burn, 1968, HB, G, $7





Tootle, Gertrude Crampton, ill. by Tibor Gergely, 1945, 1974, HB, large format, G-, cover wear, $2



marguerite de angelis book of nursery rhymes


Marguerite deAngeli’s Book of Nursery and Mother Goose Rhymes, 1954, HB, G+, corner wear, interior nice, DJ, chips & tears, $9






Babar Visits Another Planet, Laurent deBrunhoff, 1972, PB, VG, $3






Donkey-donkey, Roger Duvoisin, 1940, 1968, HB, G, $4





Go, Dog, Go!, P.D. Eastman, 1961, HB, G, $2






Animated Animals, Edward Ernest, ill. by Julian Wehr, 1943, HB over spiral, VG, all tabs & moving parts, mylar covered DJ, $6




Something Different, Eva Knox Evans, ill. by Pelagie Doane, 1942, 1965, HB, VG, 3 school stamps on inside covers & 1st page, $4





Olivia Saves the Circus, Ian Falconer, xlib HB, Fair, page tears & repairs, mylar covered DJ, $2





McBroom’s Ghost, Sid Fleischman, ill. by Robert Frankenberg, 1971, HB, VG, $3






The Uncle Wiggily Book, Howard R. Garis, 1927, 1961, HB, G-, spine tears & corner wear, inside nice, $5





A House Is a House for Me, Mary Ann Hoberman, ill. by Betty Fraser, 1978, 1982, PB, VG, $2





One Fine Day, Nonny Hogrogian, 1971, PB, VG, $2



johnny lions book


Johnny Lion’s Book, Edith Thacher Hurd, ill. by Clement Hurd, 1965, xlib Library Rebound, G, $3





Ma Lien and the Magic Brush, Hisako Kimishima, English version by Alvin Tresselt, ill. by Kei Wakana, 1968, xlib HB, G, $5




The Little Fire Engine, Lois Lenski, 1946, xlib HB, G, mylar covered DJ, $4





Hill of Fire, Thomas P. Lewis, ill. by Joan Sandin, 1971, PB, G, $2





Snipp, Snapp, Snurr and the Reindeer, Maj Lindman, 1957, xlib HB, G-, some cover fraying, $10





Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse, Leo Lionni, 1969, 2002, HB, VVG, $5





Owl at Home, Arnold Lobel, 1975, PB, Good, $2





Mouse Soup, Arnold Lobel, 1977, xlib HB, G, mylar covered DJ, $3





Black and White, David Macaulay, 1990, xlib HB, G, mylar covered DJ, $4





George and Martha Rise and Shine, James Marshall, 1976, xlib HB, G, $4



egg tree


The Egg Tree, Katherine Milhous, 1950, 1992, xlib PB, G-, $1





Father Bear Comes Home, Else Holmelund Minarik, ill. by Maurice Sendak, 1959, 1987, xlib Library Binding, G+, mylar covered DJ, $3





Little Bear’s Friend, Else Holmelund Minarik, ill. by Maurice Sendak, 1960, 1998, HB, VG, $4





If You Give a Moose a Muffin, Laura Joffe Numeroff, ill. by Felicia Bond, 1991, HB, G, DJ, $3




Cowardly Clyde, Bill Peet, 1979, xlib HB, G-, laminate covered DJ, $8




How Droofus the Dragon Lost His Head, Bill Peet, 1971, xlib HB, G-, mylar covered DJ, $8





Huge Harold, Bill Peet, xlib HB, Fair, cover is frayed, DJ, $3



kermit the hermit


Kermit the Hermit, Bill Peet, 1965, xlib HB, G-, page tear repairs, cover wear, binding tight, DJ, chips & tears, $4



rechenkas eggs


Rechenka’s Eggs, Patricia Polacco, 1988, 1996, PB, G, $3






Henry’s Awful Mistake, Robert Quackenbush, 1980, HB, G, has Parent Magazine’s Reading Program post cards inside that can be torn out, $3





Mr. Yowder and the Giant Bull Snake, Glen Rounds, 1978, HB, G, front hinge loose, $3




Mr. Yowder and the Steamboat, Glen Rounds, 1977, HB, G+, $4





Brother Jack, Clo Era Sewell, ill. by Michael Berry, 1946, HB, G, mylar covered DJ, $6




The Acrobat & the Angel, Mark Shannon, ill. by David Shannon, 1999, xlib HB, VG, mylar covered DJ, $5





We Were Tired of Living in a House, Liesel Moak Skorpen, ill. by Doris Burn, 1969, xlib HB, Fair, spine taped, some pages taped at hinge, title pages glued together, back end page glued to last page, text not affected & clean & nice, $9




Doctor DeSoto, William Steig, 1982, xlib HB, G, mylar covered, $5





The Mitten, Alvin Tresselt, ill. by Yaroslava, 1964, HB, G, coloring on front end papers, $4



a is for annabelle


A is for Annabelle, Tasha Tudor, 1954, thick PB, G+, $4




The Biggest Bear, Lynd Ward, 1952, PB, G-, $2





The King and the Whirlybird, Mabel Watts, ill. by Harold Berson, 1969, HB, G+, $3





Dance at Grandpa’s, My First Little House Books, Laura Ingalls Wilder, ill. by Renee Graef, 1994, PB, VG, $4




The Deer in the Wood, My First Little House Books, Laura Ingalls Wilder, ill. by Renee Graef, 1996, HB, VG, $7



music music for everyone


Music, Music for Everyone, Vera B. Williams, 1984, PB, G+, $3





Quick as a Cricket, Audrey Wood, ill. by Don Wood, 1982, 2000, HB, G, $4





Harry and the Lady Next Door, Gene Zion, 1960, xlib HB, G, $3






Harry the Dirty Dog, Gene Zion, 1956, HB, VG, $4



hbj3Dance to the Music, HBJ Treasury of Literature, 1993, HB, VG, $5      Includes:  Mr. McGill Goes to Town by Jim Aylesworth, Poinsettia & Her Family by Felicia Bond, The Best Friends Club by Elizabeth Winthrop, Matthew and Tilly by Rebecca C. Jones, Henry Goes West by Robert Quackenbush, Tonight Is Carnaval by Arthur Dorros, How Arpilleras Are Made by Arthur Dorros


hbjLet’s Shake on It!, HBJ Treasury of Literature, 1993, HB, VG, $5      Includes:  Together by George Ella Lyon, You’ll Sing a Song and I’ll Sing a Song by Ella Jenkins, Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed by Eileen Christelow, Some Things Go Together by Charlotte Zolotow, Whose Baby? by Masayuki Yabuuchi, Who Will Be My Friends? by Syd Hoff, How Joe the Bear and Sam the Mouse Got Together by Beatrice Schenk de Regniers, Friend by Lilian Moore, Very Tall Mouse and Very Short Mouse by Arnold Lobel


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