Nutritional Balancing Recipes

These recipes I’m sharing were written out of a desire to include the entire family in the enjoyment of a variety of great healthy food. Here are some Nutritional Balancing recipes that we all love. Try them out and also read about our food story and challenges below. Check back often…I’ll be adding more!

Nutritional Balancing Recipes

cilantro-beef-meatball-muffins nutritional balancing recipe
Cilantro Beef Meatball Muffins
Collard Greens & Sweet Potato Saute
Collard Greens & Sweet Potato Tostadas
Collard Greens & Sweet Potato Breakfast Hash






Our Food Story

The first four months I strictly followed my NB eating plan and my family graciously helped me prepare my food because I was so exhausted from my initial drastic healing period. They continued to eat as they always had, although, they began to add in a few more processed foods.

For my boys’ entire lives we’ve been eating a nutritious whole-food diet. But while I was concentrating on my diet, and in the hectic teenage years, junk food began creeping its way into our house that had never been there before. Just as I was beginning this new eating plan to health, my family was drifting in the opposite direction in their food choices.

As time went on I started getting hung up on what I couldn’t eat instead of what I could eat and my selections were narrowing and narrowing. I began equating off-limit foods such as asparagus with sugar-laden ice cream – this just didn’t make sense. I needed to be OK occasionally with a healthy cheat while transitioning.

All my energy went into trying to think what to make that everyone would eat instead of whipping out tried and true healthy family favorites. (Although, they included off-limit choices such as our beloved nightshades, salads, or fruit salsas.) I had no energy left to actually prepare the food, so someone usually stepped in and cooked something.

How could this be? We were eating worse than we ever had! Something had to change.

The Challenge

I knew it was time to start expanding and adding variety back into my meals as well as having the entire family on a NB eating plan. If this was going to be our new lifestyle I needed to start researching, experimenting, and finding new family favorites that would become 2nd nature to prepare.

This process for us is going to be longer and harder than I expected…changing a lifetime of thoughts, habits, and cooking styles. I assumed we’d just tweak our eating a little and move on with it. We were eating healthy food already, only needed some adjusting…so I thought.

But I’m up to the challenge! Knowing how much my health improved in a short amount of time keeps me motivated. This is going to be a lifetime process. We might as well enjoy it with great food!