When Your Summer is Cut Short – Winter Rest

raspberry in snow winter rest encouragement

There are times when our summers are cut short. Just when we’re at our prime, we’re halted due to illness or some other tragedy in our lives. But other times, our summers can be cut short for a greater purpose…the purpose of a winter rest.


Winter Rest

Nutritional Balancing forced me to stop short my summer of endless running and submit to a long quiet rest. I fully embraced it and made the most of this healing time and emerged in the spring with a calm quietness to my mind, body, and spirit that continues to gently propel me to restored health.

Having gone through this winter season myself, I can confidently urge everyone to adjust the cycles of life and embrace what winter has to offer – a season of dormancy for rest and renewal. See the beauty of this extraordinary stillness and fully – joyfully – submit to submerging to grow deep, strong, and vigorous roots. Then you will be ready to reemerge in expectation to spring forth in new healthy growth.

snow covered raspberry winter rest

“It can seem that everything is dead in winter, that nothing is happening, but that is never true.  Under the surface of the winter snow there is always the continuation of life – roots really are growing deeper, sap is being stored, energy is being conserved.  Winter is not an end, but a transition.  The abundant and unstoppable life of spring is about to break forth out of winter, and a new beginning is coming.” – Sally Clarkson

raspberry in snow winter rest

“Live in each season as it passes; breathe the air, drink the drink, taste the fruit, and resign yourself to the influence of the earth.” – Henry David Thoreau

raspberry snow

I’ll leave you with this prayer from Sally Clarkson. “May God quiet your spirit with His peace as you reflect upon the winter landscape of your life, and anticipate the promise of new life in the coming of spring.”

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